Friday, October 8, 2010

Radio Silence Ending

Hello thar!
So essentially, I'm back in Brisbane. Before you shoot me for not posting my tremendously witty [sarcasm hand raised] ramblings sooner, I will just say - whilst holding an adorably cute puppy in front of me - that lately stuff has been going down, that probably shouldn't be shared to the general blogosphere.
Anyway, to start of tonight's ramble, let's make a shout-out. To my 7 followers and any random Internet stalkers, I introduce this guy:
Mr Max Quinn, no title that I'm aware of.
Max is a guy I know, pretty vaguely, but we were tossed into the same school and you kinda learn people's names after that sort of thing. Digressions aside, Max is in a competition (oh, those wondrous things!) where he blogs. About music.
Come on, you've got to admit that sounds pretty darn appealing, right?
The point is, Max is not like other music bloggers. Max specifically focuses on little-known bands and things that amuse him. I don't know about you guys, but I am about a million times more drawn to something if the person has created it happily. And so, you should go read Max's blog. I command that you sign his petition using all available email addresses that you own, because if he wins, Ballina - oh little town of prawns and swamp - gets Birds of Tokyo, and I may just take you with me*. Max winning would be pretty swell, too, for him. I imagine so, anyway.
*Conditions apply.

Now! Onto other news.
I have recently been asked by Dymocks to review a book. This isn't out of the blue, Oh My Gosh Hey We Heard You Write sort of thing, but stems from a previous review I did, of Anne Fortier's Juliet. I was able to do such an awesome thing via Facebook, through a competition they ran there, and when I emailed my review, I told Elaine (the kindly lady at Dymocks) that I was able to do any more reviews they wanted. Apparently, Dymocks enjoyed this review, because I was then personally asked by Elaine to review another book.
Expect to see Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches out next February. Meanwhile, I'll lazily stroke my uncorrected proof of it, and may give you a review a little closer to the release date. So far it seems okay, though this is after reading 3 pages and my opinions may change either way.

There's little else to say, except I currently am missing home something chronic.
However, I am not allowed to go back for a while, as my mother fears I will turn mentally instable or something.
The water down home is sweeter. If you live in Brisbane, go taste the water in the Northern Rivers. It is nom to the nommiest degree.
...oh man, and I'm supposed to be a writer.
("I shot out of it like..." "A shooter down a shooty thing?")

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