Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you could see me, you'd probably be wondering why I am so dressed up to pack a suitcase.
Being me, I am panicking over my funeral attire. So I have tried it on, broken a heel, tried on new shoes, and gotten the approval of the man in the living room. Being my brother. 

Anyway, you may notice ads going down the side. I've put these down the page as far as possible for 2 reasons:
  1. I'm trying to fill up my page.
  2. This isn't an incentive for me to gain money, so I don't want anyone clicking unless you feel suitably okay with doing so. I'm not pointing a guitar-flamethrower at you, hissing, "Click ittttttttttttttttt." In saying so, I'm not asking you not to click it. We'll make the rule as follows:
    If you feel the ad is awesome enough to click on, and is brilliant and inspiring and deserves the emphatic tapping of a mouse/pad/etcsoonsoforth, you are permitted to click.
That's all from me. There'll be radio silence for a couple of days, I think. After Wollongong, I'm headed home for a few days of shenanigans. And the silence is now, because I'm very hungry.
Now I've finished mucking around with this blog for the most part, I'll do some proper posting. Or somethign like that. 

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