Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And I might as well enquire why, with so evident a design of insulting me, you chose to tell me that you liked me against your better judgment!

Hey, Tash, what are you doing?
Hey, Random Questioner. Just watching Pride and Prejudice. 
Didn't you watch that yesterday?
Yeah, so?
And the day before?
What of it?
And pretty much every day this week?
[insert witty comeback]

Yes, I've been watching much Pride and Prejudice, and Austen-related stuff. I'd like to say it means something. It probably doesn't, because there's no use trying to deconstruct life. You do that, you take away the beauty of spontaneity, and the wonder that life always creates.
Life is here for the taking. That's all we need to know.

Prettiness aside, today marked a return to something which I believe was aptly documented by myself, a few weeks ago, on my calendar:

Semester 2. Oh no indeed. I am slightly okay about its impending doom/wrath/taking away from my naps, but it could be worse. As I found out, sitting calmly in my 102 lecture this afternoon (though also wondering if I punched Lupin for being slow and freezing, would it count as abuse/animal cruelty/violence against machinery, Australia Says No), there is an 8am lecture for 102. 
I should feel pity for those stuck in that lecture, but I don't. As previously discussed, I put in the effort for once, and won in the realm of awesome uni timetables. I feel relief.  
Anyway, so uni is on again tomorrow. 2 hours there. Wednesday, 1 hour there. And then, what's that hitting me in the face? Oh yeah, that's my weekend, because it begins on Thursday.

Whoa, scene change, Pride and Prejudice. Darcy is failing, ever so cutely, and Lizzie is shutting the man downnnn.

What? Right, I'm sane. I promise. Hey, what are you doing with that straitjacket? Did you look at my friend's Facebook wall where I conversed with Christian from Moulin Rouge? Well, I don't care. This is like a constant hug. You'll never defeat me!


So, for something of worth, I went to Mana Bar last night. Again. Trina, my lovely pal who I have mentioned, also came along, as did Nick. I told our Mana-pal Matthew that Nick was my step-father, and Trina was my mother. 
(Trina is 1 month older than me but Trina has the epicskillzors.)
And we had a Sunshine crew accompanying us. Joe, Stanfield, and the new guy on the block, Nathan.
-Stanfield, if you met Nathan before you met me, now is not the time to mention it, 'kay?-
We had picnics, at Roma Street Parklands. They have swings, I forgot to use them. We went to my church, it was radicalfuns. (Joe knew more people than I did. It was embarrassing.) Then we went Mana Bar hopping, and Guitar Hero funs was had. Some fighting game funs were had. Raskulls funs were had. 
Walking along the Valley streets, shivering, notsofuns were had.
Drinking water from a square bottle thirstily funs were had.
I could go on for awhile.
There were the Mac/PC debates, and then talking in jargon about IT topics and gamer topics which danced, cackling with immense glee, over my head. Instead, I reverted to Shakespeare. In my head there was a combination of shallicomparetheetoasummer'sday and trying in vain to remember Shakespeare's grave inscription. (I know it now. The gist and nub is essentially, Move mah bones, suckah, and I'll put a moooove onnnn yoouuuuu!) 
It was great, it was spectacular, we went to a park.
I ate Kool Fruits (HECK YES. Love you, Spar in the Valley) and sat nicely on a net. Stanfield swung from side to side. Joe balanced himself on top of a pole which was a great effort there. Nathan exchanged sarcastic remarks with myself.

Tiredation. This post has taken far too long to write as I am now contemplating waging a war with my brain. Bring. It. Ownnnnnn.

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