Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such great heights? Pah. Elbow frostbite, more like.

So, where I was hunting for awesome timetables and for wins at life, and where I was not feeling much pity for those people in 8am lectures?
I’m feeling a little less secure about this. I may or may not have a look on my face of, Did I do it right? Because I am honestly considering this now. I have come out of one lecture, which was epic awesome. I was feeling all levels of excitement, because we even got out an hour early. (It takes very little to make me gleeful.) I had images in my head of what I would do with this hour. Lupin turned on, listening to Such Great Heights as covered by the fantabulous Ben Folds, while stretched out in the sun probably talking to various people at home.
I clearly have not much in the way of logic.
At 5:00pm, or 1700 hours, whichever way you choose to express it, the sun has chosen to fling the moon in its place. Don’t get me wrong, the moon’s pretty. But it doesn’t really complement my outfit. That being, an outfit of jeans, ballet flats, a t-shirt and a very thin cardigan which I managed to make a thumbhole in... with no nails. The moon more complements an outfit of an Eskimo suit.
I don’t own an Eskimo suit.
So I left that lecture, with the thought of, I will find somewhere warm! I will be a great explorer! Huzzah for life! I had very little else on my mind beyond warmth, as it’s seemingly crucial to my survival. On my iPod, I realised that Ricky Martin was popping up an awful lot on shuffle. This could only be changed by finding said warm place, then listening to awesome.
The warmth had to be found. It had to be.
I did not find warmth. Instead, I found a park bench in the middle of whipping winds; they caused shivers which only reinforced how epically I failed in this quest. I was trying to type with my hands under Lupin, and I don’t think you need me to explain how much of a success this is not. All I could do was watch the hour where I was heading into my next lecture approach at a sluggish speed. I mean, sure. Ben Folds was listened to, but as a result my net kept lagging. So pretty much all I got was:
I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned and I have to spec –
And this played over, and over, and then some more just for funs.
Time slowly ticked onwards. My elbows seemingly managed to contract frostbite, or something similar. I was, with 5 minutes til it was socially acceptable to get into my lecture, having stern talks with my mind about how it wouldn’t be okay to have a blanket or a purple dressing gown in the lecture.
And that lecture came. I forgot about the cold. And had this argument with myself the entire way home.

Argh. So thing to learn from this, don’t be stupid next time, Tash. Actually wear the coat. And you’ve just committed the sin of being didactic, as you were expressly told not to do. Ah well, I am really not concerned by that. It is more a lesson to myself than it is to you, and I learn strangely.

[dances off page, singing Such Great Heights]

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