Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trauma and good surprises make a grand contrast.

Dear Internet:

Please, please, can you give me some better warning?
Here I am, innocently attempting to see which scoundrel ripped off Allie Brosh's pictures, and I find a link. Awesomesauce. The link is good. The link is just. (Her provided link is not, but oh well.)
Then I think, Well, she reads Hyperbole and a Half, right? She must have some rad musings.
Well, I guess to some they may be considered rad, but honestly, Internet? I did not need, at all, to see an exhibitionist's fancies laid out for all to see on a blog. I think I may be scarred for life. Or am slightly scarred, because I didn't scroll down. I closed that window as fast as I could and erased all my history and stared at poor Lupin in shock. 
Cause Lupin didn't want that either.
So next time something potentially scarring comes up, can you please just make a popup of this guy here - a popup that is immune to all popup blockers?
Kind regards,

Anyway, that trauma aside, I got surprised with happiness today!
Picture, if you will, Facebook a couple of days ago. One of my best buddies Trina messages me, asking about a DVD I borrowed off her. I have said DVD, and she tells me her boyfriend Nick will come along to pick it up before he goes down to my ex-home, where Trina lives, to give it to her. 
4pm, I get home. I have $5 to buy mince, from Kathryn, because I ran to Big W for her (a bit over a block, but she fears for my eating habits). A message arrives: I'll be at yours soon - Nick. I duck across the road hoping to get to Woolies and back before Nick arrives. Mince is secured. I race back home. Press elevator buttons. Door opens.
And Trina is standing in the elevator with Nick.
Cue screams and hugs and screams and hugs and me going to Nick, "Hold my mince" and more screams and hugs.
I, as I tried to find mince, actually thought to myself, "Huh. It'd be funny if Trina was there with Nick... nahhhhhhh. Whenever I think about something cool and scenario-like, it never happens."
God decided to prove me wrong on the best one of them all, to date.
My reaction was thus because I haven't seen my lovely Trina in awhile, and I missed her tremendously. Trina also gets a shoutout because she's my mother. This began at a Girls Retreat with my Sunday School teacher, Robyn, a couple of years back:

SCENE: Teenage girls lining up to make sandwiches.
TRINA: [picks up plate] So, what do you want on your sandwich, Tash?
ME: [confused] Um... ham. 
TRINA: Do you want beetroot?
ME: Yes please.
TRINA: And you like cheese and tomato, don't you?

ME: Yes please.
TRINA: Do you want mayonnaise?
ME: No thank you.
TRINA: And I'll put some lettuce on, I know you like lettuce. [puts lid on sandwich] There you go, Tash! 
[TASH takes sandwich and, confused, leaves a happy Trina making her own sandwich.]

She is amazingly lovely, and is fantastic with advice too. She and I got baptised on the same day - which I believe is yet another factor saying she'll be in my life forever. (My kids, when those poor souls come along, are going to need one bit of sanity in their lives... and while Trina is as crazy as I am, she at least has mothering instincts.)
Also, Trina knows how to drive. I am in awe of this because I don't know how to. My mother says I need 5hrs with a driving instructor first, but I think it's just because when I was 15 and practising out on my grandma's farm, I nearly ran over a stray sheep. Yes, my grandparents farm sheep, and yes, I may or may not have driven off the driveway and into a paddock (in my defense, it was all dirt road) but I still don't believe that's any reason to not teach me. Also, Dad's more than a little to blame. "Okay, go... go... STOP!" [I slowly stop so I don't get yelled at for suddenly stopping the car, as I have been getting yelled at for.] "What?!" "You just ran over a cyclist." Keep in mind, this is a farm, in whoopwhoop somewhere, WITH NO PEOPLE IN SIGHT UNTIL YOU POSSIBLY HIT THE COAST, 500KM AWAY.
I digress. Trina can drive, and thus I trust her with my life.

Anywho, it's somewhat morningish. 2.19am, to be precise. I once again cannot sleep, because I am a noob. It seems to be common. 

Oh, but guess what? Shenanigans be had tomorrow! We are going to - where else? Say it with me as a chorus, Mana Bar. I find it more than a little odd that me, the most non-gamerish person ever, is seemingly frequenting a gamer bar. However, during a conversation with Nick and Trina on my bedroom floor today, we actually discovered what Mana Bar means. (Don't shoot me.) As Nick chuckled at such a pun (he's studying game design, so it makes sense), we eyed him suspiciously. "What?" "Mana Bar is the magic bar in a game. So you can see how much magic you have left." Trina and I just looked at him incredulously, and continued talking about the Valley itself. But this time we have a group that is increasing. Stanfield, Joe and I, plus Trina - that be our usual group for Brisbane shenanigans and Sunny Coast shenanigans. And now Nick, too, is becoming a regular. Stanfield's friend Nathan is also coming along for funs. (I have not met Nathan, so no shoutouts, apologies.) Shall be a blast, and Stanfield will be picking me up, so no fear - I don't have to correct it next time.


(By the way, anyone out there looking for awesome? Louie Giglio. YouTube his fantastic talks.)

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