Friday, June 25, 2010

Songs to knit to

So I have embraced my inner nana, and have decided to knit. Besides bringing back memories of Year 9 Textiles where Emily and I would converse, and slowly realise everyone had some weird interest in our conversations (which generally ranged from tigers to drawing to, possibly, Oprah's shenanigans), it also brings back memories of being scolded by my own nana for failing so badly at knitting so badly:

Me: Nana, I made a mistake...

[It isn't a mistake. Unless it's a mistake like accidentally driving a car into a river after falling asleep at the wheel is.]

Nana: Ay, carumba, nieta, what have you done?!

Me: Well, I don't know. It started wrapping around and now it won't get off.


Me: [frozen in fear]

Nana: Ya. Nada mas para ti.

Me: No more knitting?

Nana: Not unless I am... como se llama? With you.

So knitting for me, by myself, is a big step. Emily came over to refresh my memory, and she was a far nicer tutor than my nana. Maybe it’s Chilean grandmothers versus nice, English-heritaged Emilies, but she sat patiently and didn’t even scowl when I somehow dropped a stitch.

Now I am a knitting machine.

I am contemplating making this scarf a bit taller than myself (well, 30cm taller than myself, shush) so when I wrap it around my neck it comes to mid thigh. Or something.

Anyway, for good rhythm in the art of knitting, I recommend listening to Take on Me, that iconic tune by a-ha, because as he hits that high note, you begin feeling something. A sort of, I can accomplish anything. Talking to that guy who I may or may not be crushing on? A breeze. Finding a job? Equally breezy. Knitting? Heck yes, because as Morten Harket stretches out that note, you can knit for all mankind. That plinky-synth section? Loop, tie, next.

Also good is Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, by N-Trance. I can’t do the Rod Stewart one, cause it’s traumatic. Sorry, Rod, but I don’t think you’re sexy, so it makes it a little difficult to listen to without shuddering. But the beat of N-Trance’s one, well, I DO THINK YOU’RE SEXY AND YOU ARE HELPING ME KNIT ONE SEXY, WHITE, LACY SCARF.

Saucy? Yes. Yes it is.

Maybe Love Shack? That actually gets me dancing. And it gets an awesome momentum going on the stitches. Especially when the guy who looks like my ex-librarian in primary school talks about his Chrysler seating twenty… well, really, if you can’t knit to that, I don’t know what you can knit to.

Catch My Disease, well, bam on, Ben Lee. Plink on that xylophone. Do your groove, Ben Lee. I’m knitting. And that is the way I like it.

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