Thursday, June 24, 2010

And, it's done.

So we have Julia Gillard in as the first female PM of Australia. Facebook has been divided, and I'm looking at it now. It seems to be uni students against the not-uni-students. One particularly witty quote which has me disturbed for the future of sexism in Australia:

How on earth can we allow an incompetent two face back stabbing simplistic red haired feminist women to take control of our country!!!! It's bad enough labour is in power, but to than hand over the power to gillard is a joke!!!!!!

Um, cool. Your grammar and good grasp on spelling is admirable.

A comment on my status declaring I'd be dancing through Queen Street as a result of this awesomeness:

no way she is a dirty w****, labours not going to win anyway

Awesome. Why are you not reaching for the confetti? Seriously, this is a step forward.

I think this can all be summed up best by my friend Emily's boyfriend:

Yo Gillard, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Judas was the best betrayer of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Quoting Kanye never goes astray. Good-day, Kevin, in an hour or so your final words will be heard.

And welcome, Gillard. I'm excited, and you've got this one's vote.

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