Thursday, June 24, 2010

PHWOAR FLIPS, do you have a Time Turner?

I may look like I've had a busy 24th of June (you don't know the half of it), but I'm pulling my Tumblr posts. Saves you time if you want to see them. They, in their original form, live here.

So! Australia, wow. Tonight's a grand night in this country. We've got the soccer (inevitable loss, we're not going through, and I am clearly unpatriotic and a traitor, but I don't care) against Serbia, which is vaguely interesting. But I'm far more interested in Julia Gillard contesting Kevin Rudd for leadership. Facebook went crazy tonight, and I got all ready to start dancing for Gillard already taking the spot.

Unfortunately, not yet. Tomorrow - or this? - morning at 9am, there'll be a ballot, and we'll find out who the new prime minister is.

As you can probably tell, I'm backing Gillard. It'll be interesting if she gets it, as a female leadership dynamic would be a fierce thing to behold. Politics may be a boy's club, but really, I think it's clear that females do have the necessary fire and logic to run a country. It'll be great. I'm not sure what I'm fully expecting from her leadership, but I'm excited. A new direction for Australia. I was hesitant about voting for Kevin this year (Abbott wasn't actually in my sphere of consciousness, I'm that against voting for him), but this works nicely.

Now - soccer.

From what I can understand from my brother's explaining, essentially Australia's not really likely to get through to the next round. Sunrise and Today newsreaders, get ready to despondently unwind your green-and-gold scarves; people watching in pubs and on the streets, throw down your beers in disgust. I predict a loss, and I'm actually going to watch it this time.

Matches I'm looking forward to? Brazil vs. Portugal, tomorrow night, and Chile vs. Spain, Saturday morning. I'm backing Brazil (Kak√°'s skill being explained in previous posts) and Chile (heritage reasons, I'm at least patriotic here).

World Cup, I love you. I may not appreciate the soccer gene being forced on me by Chilean soccer fanatics who dominate my family, but I love watching. I love the excitement you bring. And I love that every 4 years, the vuvuzelas are held aloft and everyone just storms out with the soccer enthusiasm.

I salute you, FIFA.
And Australian politics.
You two have made my night.

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