Monday, March 14, 2011

Songs and things that make me happy.

Inspired by Liana's blog (many more followers than my own, but theft from widely read people is fun), I do another music post.
Liana says this was a Tumblr post, but like her, I thieve for Blogger.

1. A Song From My Childhood
My father is awesome. When most children were listening to pop bands and whatever kiddy-pop band was currently on the scene, I was listening to Crowded House. I was listening to Ben Lee. I was listening to The Mavis's. The Beatles. Coldplay.
This song, however, was my favourite. It was soothing and I remember playing my archaic tape of Woodface on an archaic tape deck. I hear this song and I can see the North Ryde home, with my bedroom window facing the backyard. We had a swingset, a treehouse. I loved that place, and this song encompasses that portion of my childhood.

2. A Song That Reminds Me of My Dad
I'm posting two songs, because I simply can't choose.
El Mayor, Silvio Rodriguez
El Mayor, by Silvio (you don't call him by his full name in my family. You call him Silvio), always has been able to remind me of my dad.
Waiting for the QUT Shuttle Bus, this song started playing. And I was massively homesick. Took pretty much all my self control not to weep on the spot. Instead, I texted Papi and told him.
According to my mother, he nearly cried.
Anywho, sentimentality aside, this song has also been a massive part of my childhood. My dad pulls out his guitar and plays this with ease.
Los Momentos, Eduardo Gatti
Apparently this is the unofficial Chilean national anthem. Accompanied many a car trip to school. I actually know the words now, not just the sounds, thanks to Papi.

3. A Song That Calms Me Down
Alex Day, Holding On
Recent addition to the calm playlist. Apparently this is the most-played on said playlist. Simple, soft, lovely.

4. A Song That Reminds Me of a Best Friend
30 Seconds to Mars, Kings & Queens
SCENE: Car trip.
Eagle call plays.
Cue Joe, Stanfield and Nate peering at me in a mixture of horror and... no wait, just horror.

5. A Song That Reminds Me of the Past Summer
Passion Pit, Little Secrets
Living with Chris.
Listening to Triple J Hottest 100.
Australia Day.
Next day, going on a train, listening to this, imagining awesomes.
[Sorry about this vid. The official one can't be embedded.]

6. A Song By A Favourite Band
Coldplay, Don Quixote
I don't know if this will feature on the new album, but I love it anyway. Splendid.

7. A Song From The Soundtrack of My Favourite Movie
Craig Armstrong, Bolero
Craig Armstrong was the composer for Love Actually. Richard Curtis said he got him to write songs against his usual form, and thus resulted happy ditties.
I imagine this to be Craig Armstrong in reality, though I don't really know.
This song will play at my funeral.
... yeah, I planned my funeral.

8. My Favourite Song
It frequently varies. As of late?
Hellogoodbye, All Time Lows
It's dancy.
It's fantastic.
It's Hellogoodbye.
Something about this song makes me want to dance, and want to sing, and to prance around with a massive beam on my face.

Songs, as they were, lessening nerves.

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