Thursday, March 17, 2011


Something  I really detest?
Trust being betrayed.
Thinking that someone has your back, and really? They're conspiring to stab you there.
When I get mad, I do it in style, though the rage I have felt since last night has been pure and unadultered. It has caused me to act in a way I never do, and I am rather ashamed of the verbal abuse I hurled at the person who has made me feel that way.
But honestly? I can't think of why they'd do this to me.
I can't think why someone, who has spent months telling me one thing, suddenly acts differently.
I can't think why people don't seem to get that when I say No, I mean No. It's not a case of if you pester you'll get your way. Frankly, it's the opposite. I don't understand why it's so hard to just be the man you claim to be, and act in a way that's respectful to all parties involved.

Rant is over.
The rage, unfortunately, is not. I'm still glaring at the screen and scowling at the world.

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