Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Currently, I'm sitting in a very awkward position, soaking up Internet like it's water I've been denied for months. I can see one leg (the other is tucked beneath me) and on this leg there are two random bruises.
Random bruising is what always happens to me, but every time without fail I will march up to a family member, point at the offending bruise and ask them if (a) they noticed, and (b) if they had any idea where it came from.
According to my father this is coming from my Ab Circle Pro. Laugh at me if you will for buying into daytime infomercials, but I got a workout dragging that darn thing home on a visit here last year.

Currently, I'm reading through Harry Potter again. As I mentioned before, I'm going through the Top 50 of Angus and Robertson's 2011 Top 100 Books, as voted by the country. Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to read Twilight. I pulled it out from my bookshelf (had to hunt for it too, as I'd hidden it way behind all my other books in humiliation) and went to sit with Chris, who was playing Diablo II, to read it.
Upshot was, we initially started reading amusing parts of the novel, then I moved on to describing wedding dresses and designing Trina's wedding dress.
Harry Potter, though, is AWESOME. I forgot how quick it was to get through the first few, and I reckon I'll definitely be able to do 1 a day for a week and get them all done. When I rifled through my bookshelf for my battered copy of Philosopher's Stone (no sorcerers here), I realised I'd begun reading it again up in Brisbane. Don't know why I'd not finished it, either. I was rather disgusted with myself and got through 100 pages last night.

Currently, I'm reading the Bible in a year. It's something I've always resolved to do, and I'm also of a mind to improve relations with that lovely Man, Jesus. I kinda neglected this relationship and instead walked on down a different path, relying on my own idiotic form of 'wisdom' to get me by. Long story short, I began flailing, and was called upon to do some pretty hard stuff to get back to Him. Probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do was what he asked of me - and that also involved moving back here, to where I've realised is a stable church community. As I'm fairly fail with remembering to do readings on a daily basis, I'm following the Our Daily Bread devotional's timetable. And when I forget to do this, I get to read lovely chunks and catch up on days gone past.

Currently, I'm revelling in the sunshine that's arrived here. Obviously, Australia's been plagued by rains. Something to do with El Niño, most everything to do with Tash Forgot To Pay Attention In Both Geography And Science. The sunshine is stunning. Downside is my dogs are now a pinkish red due to sunburn and my mother getting them sheared in late January, rather than November.
But oh, this is amazing. It's the weather that this summer should have been all along. I remember when I moved here as a kid - our first summer was pouring rain the whole time. Yesterday and today, though, have both been hot enough to put on air conditioning. 

Currently, I'm obsessed with food styling and photography. I'm an amateur, but I'm also very happy to keep learning. My mother is not as happy, and suggests with much grumpiness that I should go off and learn to be a pastry chef.
I never had a good camera, and my lovely iPhone is making photography fun. To finish off this post, I'll upload some photos I've taken.
Actually, I'll make a new post for them. Gotta call some people for my brother.

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