Monday, January 17, 2011


Ah, today.
Today was a grand day indeed.

Mondays usually begin with an alarm ripping through my sleep-cocoon at 6.30, and me blearily emerging with a variety of mutterings in my head - generally of an unsavoury variety.
Then I sloth my way down to IGA, where I get a deli case ready in four hours, then I sloth my way back home and try NOT to sleep.
Today was very different.
I woke up at 9am, pranced around the house like a loon, got a phone call from the illustrious Joshua (!) and scampered off to work, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Why the change? you ask with an indulging smile, handing me a cookie.
Well, it's because today I was becoming a checkout chick of IGA rather than Deli Master (Mistress? Sounds kinda... suss) of Doom or Something. Ah, checkoutry. It's a gentle art, and surprisingly I didn't mess up too much. By that, I mean very little. Though I still stared longingly at my deli, I quite enjoyed working on checkouts. Learning new stuff is pretty fun and it makes work quite a bit of fun.

Hang on, Coldplay on TV. Must find out why.

Dad changed the channel. Will never find out why.

Anyway, tomorrow I get back on the checkouts by myself. BY. MY. SELF. They did this second day of deli to me and I vaguely did okay, so we'll hope for the best here.

Part two, phone calls.

Joshua rang today, after returning to Australia two nights ago. It was awesome to hear his voice - I'd missed him terribly, but of course after returning home I'd sort of resigned myself to my pre-Brisbane life. The whole lack of social life, few interactions with those I care about, that sort of thing. In the Northern Rivers, I'm absorbed into my family and I find myself telling my deepest secrets to two dogs (one of whom resembles - well, I'm not really sure what. She has a patch of shaved fur on her back). But this morning, Joshua rang as I was sitting on my bed reading.
After Sirius decided to destroy Bellatrix's music files (cousinly rivalry, methinks), I lost my usual ringtone. So rather than Such Great Heights playing, I was greeted by that generic iPhone ringtone and instantly thought, "...WHA?! Why is Trina's phone ringing in my - oh right."
I have missed hearing the voices of my friends something chronic. Dear pally pals, I love you dearly.

Part three, I think?
I have a second job. In a bookstore.
Yes, you may all gape.
I got this job based on my nerdness, by which I mean my new boss and I had awesome book discussions and I told her I'm YouTube mad, know a wee bit about Dr Who (which I'm intending on making a whole lot), am a self confessed Potter nerd (see phone/computer names) and am completely obsessed with historical dramas on the ABC.
Seeing as it's an ABC store, I think my nerdness came in handy.
Anyway, I start Saturday. Any good wishes are appreciated; your bad ones may be swallowed along with some pie.

And part 4.
Trina is leaving for Sydney in a few weeks. I'm v. sad about this, as are all our friends. So faretheewell parties are being held, where we'll gallivant like loons and eat cake and see people! I'm excited for the party. If we could have this party without Trina leaving, it'd be great. Unfortunately we cannot. I'm thinking of finding Trina a giftygift for her farewell, but I'll not mention it here because I'm not really sure if Trina does read this blog, or any other blog, and I'm not taking my chances.

I have a sulky puppy (actually, a 11 year old dog, but whatever) outside barking crossly. To investigate.

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