Saturday, September 11, 2010

Various things attacking my schedule

I really miss Sirius. Sure, he's only a room away, but he was my organiser. I like iCal, and Windows does not offer an appropriate substitute.
From memory, though, I have far too many things eating at my life. So when I laid down to sleep just... well... now, I couldn't.

1. The pieces for Discerning Bride
Thankfully, the majority of people are sending back the things I need to get these pieces done. Shouldn't take too long, but I have til the 30th.

2. Literary Studies Exam
So here I thought Lit. Studies was awesome. Google 'Freud', and research his gender theories. I have an exam where I may have to use Freudian studies. I can't actually figure out the format to this exam, either. Stress.

3. New Short Story
I have no clue about this. What the heck do I write?! Note that I have just gotten a D (being Distinction, rather than Dunce) and Trent gave me this D in order to improve to a HD with perfection. Thank you, Trent, you have thrust a rather daunting task on me.

4. Yet Another Short Story And Accompanying Exegesis
This one is for Youth And Children's, and I have a fair idea of what I am going to write. I also have a fair idea of my exegesis. This should be okay, so long as I finish Virgin Suicides.

5. Project Proposal
I am in a group for this, and I think the group is pretty swell. I, however, just got a HD in this unit (Creative Industries). Being me, I can only CONTINUE to get HDs without feeling ridiculous.
Ah swell.

6. Catch Up
So from various things, I missed out on lectures. I want to catch up on these.

7. Work
I work 3 days next week, but it could be bad - I could be at work on Tuesday, which thankfully I am not.

8. Statements For My Tute Groups' Stories
Also due Tuesday. Gah.

9. Journal
Another Lit. Studies thing. Seriously contemplating dropping Lit. Studies. As it is compulsory, however, I feel I should get it out of the way now.

10. The Hunt For The Missing Twenty Dollars
I, from the kitchen counter to the mattress in the loungeroom where I formed a nest (and it was a grand nest), lost $20. How I did that, I don't know. How I still haven't found it is an even greater mystery.
There's one thing left to do. Seethe.

So it doesn't seem like much. But working to deadlines is crazysauce and my head hurts. I honestly cannot wait til the 3 unit workload of next year. Sighhhhhhhhhh.
And I have tomorrow to do most of this (yay!), and tonight Trina and I are catching up again and seeing Glass Towers (free! free!) in the Valley.

Thank you, Papi, for disturbing my nap. I have 1 hr to go.

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