Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm sorry, guys, I am.

So, because it's 1am, I'm just doing a quick one.
I've become enthralled in the whole cuteness of various animals, and whilst talking to my brother's friend Tim, I decided to Google dingo puppies.
In case you're not aware, dingo puppies are essentially more cute than the heart-shaped buttons that adorned my primary-school dress. Dingoes themselves may not be as nice - I've only met one and a half, and they were nice, but the media in all its... ness... tells me otherwise - but who cares? In the arguments of cute, let me show you this picture.
If you do not think that this is the cutest thing you have
ever seen, I fear for your soul and beg you not
to have children.
No, I'm not kidding, this thing is gorgeous.
That up there is Eustace. In the spirit of colonial ironies, I felt like calling him that.

However, there's an issue. I can't figure out which is cuter. If you've never seen a shaggy cow, I urge you to go to Google. Shaggy cows are majestic, beautiful creatures. Better yet? ENTIRELY COVERED WITH SHAGGY FUR. They're the teddies of the bovine world!
But as awesome as shaggy cows are, my attentions are actually placed on their babies. This, dear readers, is a shaggy cow baby:

Look! He's growing horns! Isn't he swell!
I call this one Bradley. The next one, though, resides on my desktop:
This is Sven. I named him after Sven Bianchi. For no real reason,
other than I like the name Sven, I like QC, and
this is a cute picture.

So, yeah. I'm tired now. But look! They're so cute! All of them!
(I'm inventive with my cutes. No cats on treadmills here!)

NOTE: So I showed my mother the pictures of the cutes here.
Eustace: "... isn't that a dingo pup?" "Yeah, so?" "Tash. It's a dingo puppy." "It's a perfectly safe creature." "That will one day grow into a dingo." "I DON'T CARE IT'S CUTE."
Bradley: [chuckle] "Aww. That's cute."
Sven: "He looks like a teddy bear!"
I later told her that I will get Sven the Shaggy Coo (which is what Nik, my brother's friend, calls them) and we will live in the English countryside.
"...why are you getting a shaggy cow?"
"Because they're cute."
"What will you do with it?"
"We will dance through the moors and sing songs and we will feel extra special."
"And this is because I won't let you ride on the Shetland pony over there?"

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