Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shoutouts, the sequel

Once again, I went out. Trina's up, and so that constituted getting buddies down for wins and fun and shenanigans and a lot of unnecessary adjectives.

Brisbane, on a Saturday night, seemed to be sort of lacking in any concrete free music. The Plough often has music going on there (Southbank, a lot cleaner than other bars I've been to), and as far as I can see, Geoff Hootan of George fame was who we were listening to.
If you're not aware of him, please go out and find his stuff, based on this conversation alone:
ME: Excuse me! Can you play Ben Folds or the Beatles?
HIM: Can't do Ben Folds, I need a piano... but Beatles, sure.
ME: Across the Universe? Or Hey Jude?
HIM: I've not done Across the Universe for awhile, but I can do Hey Jude.
And he did pretty darn well with it, so he deserves love.

Anyway, I found out during the night that my friend Nate, who resides at various locations (his PO Box here, and his actual home here), is quite a great stalker. I promised him a shout out for this. Pretty much, I would mention something. He would know how it went. This was a little unnerving to begin with, until he said, "Are you kidding me? I read your blog."
Thus, Nate, you are teh epic wins.
I realised that his thoughts regarding that ridiculous psychic octopus were exactly the same as mine, so if you like my ramblings, read his. They're a bit more thought out, because I'm pretty sure Nate doesn't sit at his computer, open Blogger, and start writing whatever comes into his head like I do. He appears to have a plan.
In summary: Nate is like me, but a more organised version and also male.

I have also gotten a job recently. Wahey! Not only is it a job, but:
  1. It is a job in Kelvin Grove.
  2. It is a job as a waitress (ergo, good money).
  3. It is a job on uni campus... which I mentioned before I'm fairly sure, because I'm getting ridiculous deja-vu.
  4. It is a job with awesome people including someone who possesses my middle name. I haven't told her that, because that's creepy, but it's something I noted because my middle name is so often mispronounced (Caroleenah, not Carolineah. I am not from the US, I have a South American heritage). South Americans ftws!
So I am very very impressed, and extremely blessed to have such an awesome opportunity. I'm loving it. And I've gotten another piece for freelancing (reminding me how much I love the word 'pop' - as in, I'll pop you down to write about one-piece bathing suits - be there for the thrilling instalment) so pretty much, another shoutout - to God, the most awesome and epically rad Guy there is out there. 

Assigments done, headaches gone, cold chips scarfed and a sandwich begging to be eaten. Well, I think my work here is done. Time to journal about formalism and structuralism. 

(Oh, yeah. There was a soccer bag outside my front door, I picked it up and took it inside without examining its contents... I believe that it was stupid, and I've now picked up drugs, drug money, or Charlie's kidneys. Curses. How the heck do I get rid of them?!)

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