Sunday, August 1, 2010

I don't even know what this is.

Time to sleep. Oh, wait. Just in from assignments: "LOLS! You can't go to sleep!! You have to critique tonight! Then write articles. Ha ha ha ha I so funny! Tash sleep pwn!"

As posted on my Facebook as of about 5 minutes ago. Yes, I have assignments... going through 9 stories and saying, "Hi! I'm some girl in the tutorials you've seen but not met. I was the one staring at the - yeah, Lupin, I was staring at him. I did name my netbook, yes! I am also aware that I squint a lot. Glasses? Probably necessary... but anyway, we're getting off track. What I am forced to do is tell you what I like - get your hopes up, yeah! - about your story, then I will make you remember for awhile what I thought you should change."
Critiquing is AWESOME.

Anyway, side story. Conversation with a guy I have not spoken to since... ooh, 6 years ago. It is enthralling. I'm not sure why he's asking my age and what I'm doing... but I'm insisting I am 18, yes. He is insisting he thought I was 17.

Back to assignments. So once I do that to 9 people, I then have to scurry home and write for money. The way I've phrased that sounds kind of bad, but we continue. When I finish this, I then go on to reading. Then I drain a cup full of sugar, wheeze in disgust, and go to church.
Maybe when I get home I can then sleep. I'm not too sure. I do know sleep now would be flipping great. But I can't. You know why? Cause of critiquing. Argh, argh. I know it's life prep. Yet I can't help thinking that my life would be different right now if I were soundly napping under my blankets, thinking about the ridiculous impression I cause when I'm:
  1. Assignment-stressed. Or, ohnoesohnoesidiesoonfromlackofsleepandammurderedforlackofreading.
  2. The proud owner of a really awful headache. Or, imgonnagetyousuckaaaaaa! -loveyourhead.
  3. In Shakespeare Land. Or, shallicomparetheetoasummersday?
  4. Lost in tired land. Or, ..........................yawn.
and then, as a result, I stare vacantly into space and read random signs with a squint then realise that all the people are staring at me. Great impressions. 
However, my friend Nate - lovely guy. I send props to him. Look at his awesome musings. He is sarcastic like me and employs the sarcasm hand frequently. Also a lot of fun - told me that if people take first impressions, they're also likely to espouse, "Don't judge a book by its cover!" and thus be a contradicting cliche. So I may be safe. I don't know. My head hurts too much to decide.

 And this is 400 words. WHY CAN'T I DO ARTICLES THIS FAST?! Actually, I know why. Because the articles make sense. I never do. I never will. Not when I write off the top of my head with no thought-out plan.

One day, I'll sit down and write properly for you, I promise. And I'll show off some skill which I apparently possess, according to my GPA, and you will feel awe and the like in a way - oh, and there I babble again.

It is 2:24am, and I am going to die doing this now, so I may as well get a nap. Hey, Assignment LOLer? 
I goes to bed.
(LOL! Oh wait, you're serious?)
I'm at the stage where I'm misspelling so many words, and screwing up grammar. My eyes are pretty much dangling grotesquely out of my skull. They could play the piano if I had one. Skillzors, yeah, but not the best for me.
(But I have control over you!)
Lies and slander.
(I hate your face.)
I can't even express a reciprocating feeling properly. In an argument with my own head I am losing.


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