Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So, I forgot to title this one... Exotic Bird Bingo?

Sometimes, I get into really weird moods. I think it's when I'm insanely overtired or whatever, I just start thinking about crazyhorse stuff. Things that I really shouldn't worry myself with, or things that are so out of my likelihood sphere that I've wasted time considering them. I mean, last time this happened, I spent 2 solid days rocking in my head trying to figure out certain people who acted in certain ways and what, certainly, did this mean?
This time, it's the fear thing. And although I am deathly tired after:
  • cooking a roast
  • cooking a pie
  • eating said roast and pie
  • being an idiot that night/morning
  • waking up at midday
  • gallivanting the city playing Exotic Person Bingo (more on that one later)
  • playing tips in the park
  • winning, after getting all transports and utilities and only one property (the lamest but most expensive, High School Musical) on Disney Monopoly
  • eating piles of junk food
  • tidying
I still can't go to sleep. I won't, more than anything. So guess what?
Another post, yay for you.

So! Exotic Person Bingo. If you haven't played this, I recommend it. The title was inspired by The Emperor's New Groove ("Oh, look. A golden-throated small-winged warbler. Just one more for exotic bird bingo. I am loving this!") and the game itself inspired by Sarah.
"Can we just go into the city," she asked, "and look at the weird people?"
This was an excellent idea. A very excellent idea indeed. Instead of just perching ourselves on the casino steps and eyeing off those who trotted on past, we devised a list, split into pairs, and set off after lunch.
Courtney and I, being highly skilled with plans and whatnot, had sorted it out. Food court would be our best bet to find an overweight person scarfing down the fast-food, obviously, and Borders would be the place to go to find Twilight fangirls (who were found close to the wall with all the Twilight items. A little too close. One looked like she was stroking the book, or at least seeing which one she could get the greatest vibe from for super vampire creepiness). Courtney even had the stellar idea of going to her orthodontists for Hectic Braces Kids. There's a hospital not too far out from the city so that took care of guide dogs and ambulance officers. And so on, so forth. Courtney and I won the game, and sat proudly on the top of the stairs (without much of our breath) awaiting Kathryn and Sarah. We were shaming them as they approached. We had success.
Apparently as Courtney and I fled around the city and accomplished this task in 44 minutes, Sarah and Kathryn toddled along and managed to pick up a balloon flower and a balloon hat. For $4. This hat was worn with pride, and I suggest it should be worn for any future jaunts.
Historical walking, playing Exotic Person and Object Bingo, should be good if I can convince them to do it.

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