Friday, July 30, 2010

I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.

Facebook is a considerable source of amusement sometimes. Ranging from the various posts of "ohhh im so drunk ha ha love me some alcohol" (more sad than funny but we persevere) and "I can spell really good and I have great grammer" (*grammar, sorry), it often makes me think and often makes me laugh.
Anyway, I've written before about the whole divide between my FB friends, but this isn't really relevant. This person, I have no idea where they fit into that spectrum anyway. But this person was referred to as 'baby' and responded in kind with 'babe'. 
Innocuous couple-speak that invariably leads to others' discomfort? Perhaps. But I myself am not a fan of 'baby' and 'babe' as couple-speak. I mean, Urban dictionary patrons are frowning on my distaste at the moment (user 'Monarch' says, with a tone of smugness, "It's wht todays boyfriend and girlfriend call each other" - I am struggling not to correct that but Monarch's words must be preserved), but call me crazy - it's something I personally can't stomach.
Babe, baby... besides the latter evoking thoughts of certain Justin Bieber songs which I am desperately trying to drown out with Hellogoodbye, it just:
  1. isn't creative enough. I'm sorry, but Sonny and Cher used it
  2. also brings to mind certain animals.
  3. also brings to mind screaming infants.
I can't do it. Imagining calling someone 'baby' seems so ridiculous, and a sure sign of laziness.  Oh, and 'dear' - my grandma doesn't even call me that, and certainly no person younger than 75 is allowed to start. Other names I'm slightly okay with. Not anything, though, which have two 'o's in immediate succession. By that - I mean names like schmookie. It sounds like Wookie, and I am no flipping Chewbacca. Anything like that turns up the nausea guage and makes me question the age of apparent romance we live in.
Apt blog here. Anna 'C' Kavanaugh, you get it right.
Maybe it's the English nerd roots, but honestly, I don't understand the lack of thought behind the names. Why is it so hard to come up with something nice and fitting for the person? It is perplexing. 

Musing, because I haven't done so in awhile.

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