Thursday, June 24, 2010


So by now, it’s common knowledge that Germany won Eurovision last night. A disappointment is pretty much all it is for me. Lena? You hear her poppy sound everywhere. MaNga, I think, should’ve won. They were fantastic.
Also, I fell madly in love from the moment the hosts announced them and they responded with an oh-so-suave nod at the camera, rather than hysterical screaming. Happiness, epitomised.

Seeing as I am yet to cross into off-peak territory with my downloads, I can’t download the happiness that they gave me. However, I’ve got Alexander Rybak on repeat. I didn’t watch Eurovision last year. I was looking for a Blyss/Lifehouse song, Fairytales and Castles, and this came up. I’ve been hooked ever since. And then, yesterday, I watched this video. Sheer, sheer happiness.


The point is, Eurovision should be mandatory viewing. At this time next year, I’m hoping to be in England or Scotland. If that happens, you’ll see me at Eurovision, dancing excitedly. Or, as I saw most people doing, dancing with dogs. I will probably have donned a ridiculously kitschy but oh so awesome outfit, somewhat similar to the host’s lime green, sequin-covered, velvet shirt, or, perhaps, butterfly wings that sprout during emphatic moments of the song.

But still. Turkey had to win. Thankfully, SBS’s scorechart agreed with the awesomeness. Turkey beat out Greece and Germany. Australia, I have never been prouder of you. I mean, you suck at soccer… but really, you know your Eurovision results.

And now, coming to SBS? The world cup. Ahh yes. There’s a dilemma… do I be patriotic? (Not in the case of Australia; anyone who tries to blame fails on being cursed is just sad.) Chile, apparently, is pretty fail too.

Who am I kidding? Brazil. It’s all about Kaká.

Now… to await the inevitable throwing of stones…

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