Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every person in Australia that I consistently read has updated their blog about the current flooding. Having grown up in the Northern Rivers, where Lismore consistently floods and the teens who give Lismore its name grab surfboards and go nuts in the only waves Lismoreites apparently see, I wasn't too concerned.
(Okay, that sentence was too long and way too retarded, but I cannot be bothered fixing it.)

Anyway, I then heard about Toowoomba.
My mother called me yesterday. "Darling," she said, nervously. "Have you seen the Toowoomba floods?"
I had not. Quickly, I logged onto the Sydney Morning Herald website. There I saw this video - yeah, the Lismore kids would be trying to surf down that, but at that speed... I was amazed.

Brisbane is now going underwater.
This is freaking me out slightly. My brother texted me this afternoon telling me he was now flooded in - and his friends were flooded out and have to drive down here. These photos, though... it's quite freaky.

Thinking of all those who are in this situation.
Not much more I can really say, but so far with 78 people missing, and 10 dead...
I can't imagine being there.

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