Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Neck pain causes rants

Poor Glen has to be the one talking to me today. I pity the lad, because I am in epic pain from work. Thus, he gets my rants.
As do you now! Suckaaahs.

  1. People who yell at me for voting for whatever party. Learn a bit about each party. It's not embarrassing for me when you realise your views are more Labor centred than Liberal and you voted in Liberal. It just makes you look stupid. Also, don't comment on things you don't know about. If you didn't experience Workchoices, don't talk about it. What does it do? Makes you look stupid.
  2. Html coding, I hate you. If we have things such as Google being awesome on the net, can't my articles be magically read by the Internet, and then I don't have to spend my time writing out each code because I want to italicise Sass and Bide or whatever (don't think I've ever written about them, but I digress). It makes me cranky.
  3. People at uni who put their laptops in front of computers. YOU'RE USING A LAPTOP. THERE IS A TABLE. I mean, if it's the dead of the night/morning and no one is there, I don't really care. But if it's the middle of the day, computers are scarce, and you're doing it while people need them? Not on. Especially when you're asked by multiple people to please move so they can use the computer and you snarkily reply, "No, I'm using it." It's not logged in. You're not fooling anyone, Guy In The Library On Monday. And then to laugh at the computer we all have to use, that moves at the speed of a slow glacier? (Yes. It's that slow.) Uncool.
  4. People who buy food and leave it to fully cool down, then push it at you with a scowl saying, "This is cold, warm it up for me." Argh! If you ate it when I gave it to you, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we? And thank you for completely disregarding that I have quite a few plates and coffees to run out. 
  5. The soaring prices of books. This isn't ranty, this is just something that makes me sadfaced. Now I look at books and moan because they're so expensive. My library is looking sparse. I still love you, Publishing Industry! <3
  6. Racist gits. Stop being douches. 'Nuff said.
  7. Sexist gits. See number 6.
I think that's enough.
Sorry about my rants, I will see you all another time. With a letter. Wow, forgot about those...

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