Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook = my connection with IDIOTS.

Two snapshots of the retards who apparently make up a large percentage of my group:
"Dear women: You're lucky we even let you vote, don't abuse the privilege by whining about a real man being prime minister."
You're lucky we even let you vote?! With views like that, how are you considered human, pray tell? Get back to the 1600s, please, they're missing you.

After a post of "We love you Tony, So much better than that red nut feminist athetist wing nut *****", we were blessed to see the following (I say blessed with a highly raised sarcasm hand):
"shes a women, she has red hair, shes a feminist, shes an atheist, oh and shes a women. what more needs to be said?" 
 Issues: Emily proposed he could be referring to new and old Gillard, but we immediately agreed he didn't have the brain capacity, so use of 'women' to describe her is a bit fail. Secondly, the redhead thing? Old. Most sane voters know hair colour can easily change with a box of hair dye. She's a feminist... why? Because she's in power? Step back! Does this mean that any woman not chained to a stove is a feminist?! The atheist comment - true, but the guy making these comments also is. Pot, meet kettle... whoa, stop the making out, there are kiddies around!

Look, if Abbott gets in, he gets in. I'm not hugely happy about that, but clearly God's got a plan and that guy's got to be in power to get the plan happening. However - if Abbott getting in means all the men around me begin acting like sexist degenerate pigs, I fear I'm going to turn into something almost Germaine Greer-ish. Not quite to her degree where she's - oh, just read the Female Eunuch, much easier that way - but I will get very annoyed indeed.

However, I do have a faint glimmer of hope for about 10 of my friends who joined the event "Mass Suicide if Tony Abbott Becomes PM". It's equally split with guys and girls, and so at least, in the event people like those two nutjobs above become more common, there'll still be a few normal guys whom I can have a conversation with without them saying, "Haw-haw-haw-haw-haw -" [healthy drag on cigar] "-get back to yer kitchen, youse women shouldn't be havin' no ideas."

Also, if there is a contingency of people going, "You should have voted Abbott because he's Christian and Gillard's atheist," I turn your heads to the following article, Birds of a Feather Don't Necessarily Flock Together by John Dickson. Firstly.. if you've not read his stuff before, do it. This article is an example of how well he teaches.
And also, as they mentioned at church - just because you vote Abbott in, doesn't mean you're going to get a 'Christian party' - in fact, the opposite is equally likely. I've also heard the argument that Abbott is a Sunday Christian, a little better than Howard's Easter and Christmas Christian act, and really... pretty much the same as Gillard being atheist (except she's open about who she is).
Read the policies. Gillard may be atheist, but she's not starting a vendetta against Christians. She's got a party that wouldn't let her, and a House of Reps that would oppose it at every turn.

And here I thought that come July 22 this would all be over.

UPDATE: The idiot with status 'a' has deleted the post. People ranting at him worked.


  1. :)
    You make me happy, providing confidence that not ALL of australia is, insane, racist or sexist.

  2. I feel epic levels of skill because I have made someone happy with being odd.