Thursday, August 5, 2010


Although there aren't many of you following me, I still feel kind of lame for starting off Blog Every Day In August with 3 letters. I mean, it's the cop-out way. I was actually Googling 'interesting quizzes' and whatnot, in a similar vein to my letter challenge, in the hope I could entertain you for a month.

Anyway, I then looked over my previous posts, and have realised I've been feeding you some sort of drivel almost daily for the last couple of months. So no more cop-outs. Besides the letters I'll attempt posting regularly daily.
Attempt, you say? But you have no life
Au contraire, mes amies. I have a life now. One that involves - gasp - a job! That's right, I had an interview today, and I am starting out as a front of house assistant/worker/Tash at the campus cafe.
To quote Gemma, my pal. "YOU GOT A JOB ON CAMPUS!! YOU BUM! Gahhh life is so cruel to meeeeeeee! I hope you are lactose intolerant! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT! ...But....anyway... CONGRATULATIONS!"
Once again, contextually makes sense regarding lactose intolerance, and I am not providing you with one. *beams widely and maniacally*

Anyway, so today Kathryn came back to Brisbane. I'm not sure if I've mentioned various things regarding Kathryn, so here goes in one hit:
  1. She was moving to the Gold Coast.
  2. She was recently in hospital with death.
  3. She now has a car.
  4. She has now returned to Brisbane to visit us all.
Sums up the important things at the moment. So Kathryn is dead, essentially, when I greet her along the QUT road to the bus stop. I was distressed, though on cloud nine from a wackily awesome job interview, but we persevered home. We had to, after all, leave stuff at mine and go into Griffith.
Griffith Uni shuttle buses are great. They don't check ID at all. Students don't even bother taking out ID. As a QUT student, it was great. I toddled onto the bus and we all went off, couldn't find Kathryn's books, went to Mt Gravatt, went to the city, got glasses, went home.

Okay. So this was abruptly ended. I'm in pain, and I've got to get up in 8 hrs and I need sleep to function. It does hurt being routinely shunned by cynical Brisbaneites.
Good day.

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