Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, nights out?

Once again, Mana Bar was frequented tonight, and I realised something. Lego RockBand exists. Honestly, is there a greater thing than Lego RockBand? Beyond Lego Harry Potter, no. There is not, not in the realm of games.

Before I continue with yet another post at 2.24am, my friends have requested mentions. I know it seems fail now, Joshua, but I'm going to do it because I have a love for my friends, especially those out with me tonight:

Joshua Stanfield, Esq.: Has plans to take over the world. I will be his propaganda specialist. We will have cookies and dance around bonfires. He also is quite skilled at gatherings because he has organised two of the best outings of my life. He's also good for talks... and only occasionally mentions how often I cry to him, "Joshua... am I a silly?" (His reply is no. One day, it will be yes.) Anywho, to continue.
Hon. Christopher Kemp: Ahh, Joe. Joe is my buddy. I talk to Joe frequently. I'm fairly sure Joe is aware of how silly I am, but he seems to be okay with it. He has a fair lot of knowledge about those knowledge boxes known as compu-ahs, and used to have a fantastic afro. I mean, there's afro, and then there was what Joe used to have. Joe, obviously by my use of past tense, does not have said afro, but he is nevertheless exuding awesome charm.
Sir Chris Fielder: He was officially dubbed thus at Pancake Manor a couple of hours ago, after patting me gently on the head in a very patronising manner. Fielder is epic, and why? Because he gives hugs like no other. I mean, there are hugs. And then there are Fielder hugs. I don't think a hug I've had from any other has really come close. That's how awesome they are. I could wax lyrical about Fielder's hugs all day long. But I won't, because I just can't describe it. I want to learn his secret to hugs, but he hasn't shared it yet. Sadface.
Her Lordship Kathryn 'A' Scanlon: Also has been dubbed this. My bestest buddy ever who gamely agreed to come with me to a gamer bar. She has decided it is awesome. After knowing her since I was 11 (and beginning a friendship with the ever-so-alluring line, "Do you like BOOKS?") I think God has put the awesome in front of me, and said, "There. That's your person to make friends with." That is what she encompasses - the most accepting person I have come across, even when I curl up in a ball on my bed, scream, "I DON'T KNOW!" and then realise I have undone all my careful work at convincing her I'm okay. And she is quite hilarious, so generous, and a kind, amazing buddy to have. You want a Kathryn now. I know it. Steal this Kathryn away and I will chase you spouting non-sequiturs and eyeing you suspiciously.

Anyway, so this was the crew who went to the gamer bar. I had prepared myself for a quiet night in - knitting, being a crazy spinster, watching TV and possibly sighing in happiness over Pride and Prejudice, but it was not to be. Stanfield appeared on Facebook:

Him: Pick up your phone!
Me: It's out of battery. What? 
(The phone was on silent, I just failed at life.)
Him: We're coming to get you tonight. Mwahahaha.
Me: Whatnow?
Him: Nah, we're going back to Mana.

I phoned Kathryn, she accepted somewhat eagerly, and off we ventured. 
When we arrived, Fielder and Stanfield were already inside. Joe, Kathryn and I were stopped by the bouncer. "Can only take one of you," he said. (As Kathryn pointed out, the bouncer himself was a gamer nerd. Ahh, wins.) 
Joe went inside to grab Stanfield and Fielder, and the bouncer and I made small talk. "Yeah, we're just taking her," I said, gesturing to Kathryn. "She's not been before."
"Oh, well, you guys can go in."
After a quick round of some racing game, and a quickly-drained OJ, I was ready to edge to my corner. Kathryn edged with me, and we started a round of Ghostbusters. I know, right? One area RB owns GH, is when you get Crocodile Rock and Ghostbusters included on the game. We're playing this, we are feeling skilled, Kathryn has progressed to medium and is going swimmingly. Raskulls - a genius game, Kathryn and I both managing to come first, though beaten many a time by Stanfield - and more GH. Sitting on a beam, near GH, feeling content.
Suddenly, a Fielder to the window. Fielder and Joe are quickly joined by some random, who looks at me quizzically and asks Fielder who I am. Assumedly, Fielder mouths 'Tash'. I wave, the guy waves back. Suddenly, the bouncer murmurs something to Joe, and we find out - where we are, well... not too stable, at all.
Our cue to leave.

Pancake Manor was next. Kathryn was deeply concerned about my lack of food (which was because Chris has decided he wants to go to the Bahamas, he funds my survival, and thus, we are lacking on the survival today) and ordered me to order something wholesome. I got nachos, and am now feeling nauseous. A whole lot of food crammed into one sitting... well, not the best, I will warn you now.

By the way, all you Brisbane-frequenters, Pancake Manor has a bar underneath. Not that I drink, it's more, "Who knew bars lived under pancake houses... and had knights in them?!" Excitement plus, for all you who have not seen it.

Now to stay awake.
No, just kidding. 

NOTE: Conversations with Stanfield -
It makes it sound like we never picked you up from home lol :)
They did pick me up from home, because they are loving and kind.


  1. it took that guy at the window about a good 30 seconds to speak to me, hes like "what are you doing?" i said " theres no way in hell im getting in that corner without going through the walls and hell im not standfiels so im not going to try"
    " he said fair enough and left

  2. Haha, that guy at the window was gold!! :D