Friday, July 2, 2010

How the heck did that happen? (Part 2 of Illness)

So, where I was lying in bed going, "Argh, life, why must illness wreak havoc on me, this is cruel... especially considering Kathryn told me I could not afford to lose weight when sick, and being sick now may do that, and pain and ouch and why, why, why", it suddenly dawned on me I needed no visitors.
I needed no one! And thus, I contacted them all through various methods (MSN, asking Emily to text Kathryn, talking to Kathryn croakily on the phone) and slept peacefully.
After wandering outside to my brother and his friends, and croakily begging for some form of meat as I was now allowed it, I wandered back to my bed, dazed. Jake and Tim looked somewhat perturbed to see me looking as I did - and I looked like I'd gotten smacked in the face with a large possum which had clawed my face off, in a manner like the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean (although this one is far more creepy, and it reminds me of the Kelvin Grove possums) - so I wasn't going to stay out there twitching occasionally, and mumbling under my breath, "I want my mummy". Instead, this activity commenced in my room. I sat on Facebook, discussing with excessively bad spelling and grammar current things in my life with my pal Joshua, and then fell asleep.
My brother, when I woke up, was suddenly in my room. This was more than a little concerning. In my hazy, foggy, ridiculous head, I was convinced he'd apparated or something spectacular. However, he had not. He'd merely opened the door. As I goggled up at him from my bed, he strode to my window and closed it (I was shivering and lamely trying to attack my heater), and informed me there was going to be no KFC for me today.
Surprisingly, I was okay with this. He left. My mother called. And then about half an hour later, I was miraculously cured. Why?
Stupid stomach bugs, making me nauseous all day. In 5 minutes (and this is a solid 5 minutes) I had no lemon and honey in my stomach. I had no water. Probably not even paracetamol. Probably not even a stomach.
And so I got KFC tonight, with all the happiness, because I was bouncing around my house excitedly and calling Chris going, "I WANT KFC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOMNOMNOM CAUSE I AM HUNGRY!" (to which he replied, somewhat alarmed, "Okay, okay! I'll buy you KFC!! WHY ARE YOU SUDDENLY BETTER?!")

NOTE: This is actually something that's going around. My mother called me, shocked at my pre-stomach-emptying voice compared to my post-stomach-emptying voice, and told me she had the same thing on Wednesday.
According to Kathryn, Courtney's family experienced the same thing.
I decided to blame my father (even though the common person in all this is me. I would have seen Courtney, picked up the bug, passed it on to my father, who passed it onto my mother, and then BLERGH SICK).
Also, KFC is delicious. Chicken is delicious. Chris generously gave me a nugget and I almost wept at the sheer joy of chicken. Chickeny joy. Ahh, I have missed you profusely.
Joshua, my lovely pal, informed me that during our conversations (which I can't really remember) I seemed drugged. On some sort of depressant. I'm not anymore.
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