Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Harriet Smith was the natural daughter of somebody..."

So within the last few days, I’ve been back in my Jane Austen-induced happiness fume. It’s a lovely state to be in. Mainly, I’ve been brought back because of the latest TV adaptation of Emma, with Romola Garai as the “handsome, clever, and rich” Emma Woodhouse.

I’ve not read Emma - we can blame exams for that failed attempt - so here, I was mainly doing it for a happy little kick. I loved Pride and Prejudice, in both book and film form; Sense and Sensibility was nice, and from there I wandered over to the Bronte sisters. But really, it was a brilliant premise. Storyline - fantastic. Acting - awesomes. Tash’s happiness meter after finishing it - dancing up in the sky somewhere.

My advice? Watch it.

Now I have a task - going back through Jane Austen again, seeing as I’m practically on holidays now. I’m determined to get through them all at long last and feel contentment.

Part 2 of this is, Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound was released today. Before my interview this morning, I raced to Dymocks in the city, and accosted the man at the counter for it. “Last one,” he told me. I nearly dropped to my knees in relief. (Don’t know why, considering in the city there are about 10 bookstores within easy walking distance.) No spoilers, considering it took me probably 3 hours to finish, once taking out interview time, phone-call time and “Eugh bus-sick” time, but I’m kind of peeved at the ending. Yes, Richelle Mead’s left it for another one, which should be out early-mid December this year, but still, that cliffhanger just annoyed me. It was one of those ones where you turn the page and are like, “Wait on a second….. there’s a preview of all the other books. What’s happened?” Anywho, still read it, because a lot of Blood Promise’s cliffhangers are answered. (Also, does anyone else feel slightly peeved at none of the Vampire Academy books matching if you started this series when they were first getting published? I have all originals, from when they were all initially released, and the first two match in size, the third is slightly larger and the last two are trade-sized. And then the covers… shudder.)

So, there you have it, my reviews and whatnot. Could probably go into a lot more depth (sorry, sorry Tim, I’m failing you) but I’ll save that for the Great Austen Challenge.

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